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The Ruff House

Dog Daycare

Off Leash Play

Stimulating Fun

Safe Environment

At the Ruff House, dogs can enjoy structured play and exercise under the supervision of our trained staff. The day includes off leash play, games, water play, and the occasional birthday celebration! We offer 3 outdoor play yards outfitted with turf and equipped with toys and play structures that promote healthy exercise and social interactions. We can also facilitate indoor play in one of our two play rooms to escape the rain or beat the heat. Our days are balanced with adequate rest breaks and cool downs. Safety is our priority. Our playgroups are determined based on size, age, and activity level. Whether you are on the go or working from home, bring your pup to romp and play all day!

The Ruff House Fredericksburg, Virginia

SINGLE DAY RATE .................... $37.00

5 DAY PACKAGE ....................... $180.00 ($36/DAY - A $5.00 Savings)

Expires in 45 days

10 DAY PACKAGE ..................... $350.00 ($35/DAY - A $20.00 Savings)

Expires in 90 days

20 DAY PACKAGE ..................... $660.00 ($33/DAY - An $80.00 Savings)

Expires in 180 days

Spoil Your Pup With Our Daycare Pup-grades! 


Include a special treat during rest time

  • Frozen Kong treat: $5.00

  • Lick mat treat: $3.00

  • Pupsicle: $2.00

Late Drop Off & Pick Up

Our designated drop-off and pick-up times ensure we are able to appropriately staff group play and give the pups 100% of our attention for their safety. A late fee of $15.00 will be charged for late drop-offs and pick-ups within 15 minutes of our designated hours. Pets will be boarded for an overnight stay after 15 minutes past closing, and standard boarding rates will apply.

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