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The Ruff House Fredericksburg, Virginia dog daycare boarding

Dog Daycare & Boarding

Policies & Procedures

Dog Requirements

To join us, dogs must:

  • Be in good general health with no open wounds or stitches.

  • At least 5 months of age.

  • Be current on Rabies, Distemper, Parvo, Bordetella, and Canine Influenza (preferred) vaccinations.

  • On a flea/tick preventative.

  • Be spayed or neutered by 7 months for daycare. All females must be spayed by 7 months for overnight boarding.

  • Friendly towards people and other dogs.

  • Complete the Ruff House evaluation process and trial day to RH’s satisfaction at its sole discretion.

  • Must have a nylon collar with a quick-release buckle and a name-tag. No metal buckle collars, choke chains, pinch collars, or harnesses are allowed. Please enter and exit the building with your pup on his or her leash.

Evaluation Process

The Ruff House requires an evaluation (meet & greet) with each dog upon registering for daycare and/or boarding because the safety of our animals is our priority.


Our evaluation process includes:

  • A brief wellness check

  • Response to staff touch and interaction

  • Response to other dogs, varying in breed, size, and activity level

  • Reaction to an open play environment

  • Comfort level in crate

  • Overall observation

Evaluations are done by appointment only Monday through Friday. Please contact us to schedule a meet & greet.

We are here every day of the year to care for our furry friends. However, we have modified hours for boarding drop-offs and pickups on the following days. Daycare is not offered on the following days:


January 1, 2023 - New Year’s Day


February 6-12, 2023


April 7, 2023 - Good Friday

8:00am - 10:00am for pickup/drop-off only. No daycare.

April 8, 2023 - Easter Holiday


April 9, 2023 - Easter Sunday


May 29, 2023 - Memorial Day

3:00pm - 5:00pm for pickup/drop-off only. No daycare.

July 4, 2023 - Independence Day


September 4, 2023 - Labor Day

3:00pm - 5:00pm for pickup/drop-off only. No daycare.

November 23, 2023 - Thanksgiving Day


November 24, 2023 - Black Friday


December 11, 2023 - Staff Appreciation/Holiday

3:00pm - 5:00pm for pickup/drop-off only. No daycare.

December 24, 2023 - Christmas Eve


December 25, 2023 - Christmas Day


December 31, 2023 - New Year’s Eve

8:00am - 10:00am for pickup/drop-off only. No daycare.

Holiday Hours for Dog Boarding Drop-Off & Pickups

Holiday Hours
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